Photography is an art that enables us to freeze moments and cherish them forever.

A single picture can embody a range of emotions and feelings that one can relive through a brief glance at it.

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Celebrating these qualities of the art form, World Photography Day is observed annually on August 19

The day celebrates the art of clicking pictures, the technology behind it, and its history.

The history of photography dates back to 1837 in France when two Frenchmen named Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre developed the first-ever photographic process or daguerreotype.

Following this, the invention was officially announced by the French Academy of Sciences on January 19, 1837.

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It is believed that the French government purchased the patent for the invention 10 days after the announcement was made.

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World Photography Day is celebrated by all those who practice this art form to recognize its potential and spread wrens about it