maate vinadhuga song lyrics meaning in english

Maate Vinadhuga Song Lyrics meaning in english from β€œTaxiwaalaβ€œ.Sid Sriram sings Maate Vinadhuga. Maate Vinadhuga song tuned by Jakes Bejoy. Krishna Kanth penned Maate Vinadhuga song lyrics. Taxiwaala (2018) is  Rahul Sankrityan directs an Indian Telugu language film. Taxiwaala (2018) star cast Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, Malavika Nair, Ravi Prakash, Uttej in the lead roles and others are playing supporting characters. Taxiwaala Film produced by Geetha Arts, UV Creations. This feature film β€œTaxiwaala” has expected to release this year (2018).Maate Vinadhuga Song released in β€œAditya Music” Youtube channel.Maate Vinadhuga Song lyrics are provided below.

maate vinadhuga song lyrics meaning in english


Movie: Taxiwaala
Song Name: Maate Vinadhuga
Starring: Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar
Music Director: Jakes Bejoy
Singer: Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Krishna Kanth
Director: Rahul Sankrityan
Label: Aditya Music
Year: 2018


Maate vinadhuga…  (4)
Not listening to the words
Perige vegame, thagile meghame, asale aagadhu ee paruge
Increasing speed, reaching clouds, but this run will not stop
Okate gamyame, dhaarulu verule, payaname nee panile
One destination, different paths, journey is your mission
Alale.. puduthu modhale
Raging waves created from beginning 
malupu kudupu needhe
Unexpected twists and turns are yours only
Aa addhame choopenu brathukulalo theere..
That mirror(windshield) reflected the way of lives
Aa wipera thudichey kaare kanneere..
That wiper wiping the flowing tears
Maate vinadhuga vinadhuga vinadhuga..
Not listening, not listening to the words
Vegam digadhuga digadhuga vegam..
Speed won’t slow down, won’t slow down   
Maate vinadhuga vinadhuga vinadhuga..
Not listening, not listening to the words
Vegam vegam vegam
Speed speed speed 
Perige vegame, taghile meghame
Clouds hindered in the ensuing speed;
Asale aagadu ee paruge
But no slowing down indeed.
Okate gamyame daarulu veerule
Destination one and only, paths many.
Payaname nee panile
Your mission is to continue your journey
Arere puduthu modale malupu kudupu neede
Unexpected twists and many a turn ordained when you were born.
Maru janmatho parichayam
Introduction into the next birth
Anthalaa paravasham
Endless ecstasy on this earth.
Rangu chinukule gundepai raalena
Rainbow drizzle fell on the heart in a love-spell.
Aa addhame chupenu, brathukulalo theerey
Only the windshield will show what life will bless and bestow.
Aa wipere thudiche caare kannire
The wiper will wipe the tears which flow.

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