Eurovision Lyrics Meaning In English – Central Cee

Eurovision Lyrics Meaning In English – Central Cee ft. Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone From 23 (2022) Album. Latest Eurovision Song lyrics written by Central Cee, Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone and produced by Flem, Young Chencs, NKO. The Music video has been Release on 25th February, 2022.

Eurovision Lyrics Meaning In English

Song Details:-

Song Title:- Eurovision
Artist:- Central Cee Ft Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2Anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone
Produced By:- Young Chencs, NKO & Flem
Post By:- Central Cee
Released Date:- 28 Feb 2022

Eurovision Lyrics Meaning In English – Central Cee

You Are Now Listening To Young Chances
S / O Le Flem
Yo, Lil B, Itโ€™s Timed NKO
Dice, Wing, Aim, L
Ekip, Ekip

Yo, Tell Him At Central Cee
Donโ€™t Get Captcha
I Come Directly From Italy
Iโ€™m From Arabic, Click-Clack
I Still Have To Take A Calculated Risk

Yo, Iโ€™m Straight From Italy (Ah)
Where Your Body Dissolves In Acid (Rondo)
My Girlfriend Is Sexy Like Takis, No Party, Iโ€™m Rich, She Doesnโ€™t Miss
If-If You Talk About Drilling In Italy, I Have No Rivals, We Are Not The Same
I Have A Heart Of Gold But I Hope My Opps All Die

Mafia Chatter, For Sure (For Sure), Iโ€™m Richer Than Any Of My Opponents
Why Are They Banishing Me From My City? (Ah), Iโ€™m Just Trying To Do My Job
Pull Uppo On Your Block, Trapping, Your Hoe Knows All My Lines
Lurking, Twerking, Squirting (Ah-Ah), Just For A Birkin

I Come From Arabic, Click-Clack, No Kalฤm, Big Booty Is Haram
A Lot Of Money, So Halal, Street Kid, Montana (Tana)
One-One Glock Shoots You, One Shot, Learns
Bad Bitch Love Me, Bad Boy Call Me (Ah, Call, Call)
Vit, Vit, Chop, Chop, I Already Put It In The Ass At The Trap-Trap
You Put It In The Ass Of Your Cap-Cap
Where Is Your Gang-Gang? Come On Iโ€™ll Make You Like: โ€œClap, Clapโ€

They Donโ€™t Let Baby Gang-Gang In, I Count A Thousand Facts
I Escape The Chaff Like Lag Lag, I Kill Everyone With The Mac-Mac
You Feel Pac-Pac Because You Have The Bandana And You Are Black-Black
It Donโ€™t Mean Now Youโ€™re 2Pac-Pac (Pow, Pow, Pow) (Brrah)

I Still Have To Take Calculated Risks (Alright)
Itโ€™s Been Six Months, Sheโ€™s Waiting To Fuck
I Had To Put Gyal On The Waiting List
The Paigons Are Altering The Behavior Of Fans

My Name Doesnโ€™t Stop Coming Out Of Their Lips
Why Do They Like To Say Iโ€™m Out?
I Swear They Donโ€™t Come Out Of Their Cribs
These Guys Keep Trying To Get Under My Skin

Iโ€™m Trying To Get Money And Stay Away
Lowkey, But Iโ€™m Stuck In The Public Eye
Last Year I Was Sitting In A Pub With White
I Got More Than Enough From Rhymes This Year

More Than Enough, I Can Quit Right Now (Right Now)
Itโ€™s Time I Put The Boys On
Itโ€™s A Little Weird When I Put Ice On
Canโ€™t Wait For The Whole Gang To Shine, Hm

Big Ting On My Life (Big)
Come As If You Took A Viagra
You Donโ€™t Want To Fall, Niagara
The Blue Phone Is Hot, So We Are Talking About Patois

Came In Like A Kidnapping, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
Deep Where The Water Is Rippled
Chopper On Me When I Try To Go Colly
Donโ€™t Talk (Talk), Just Listen
Bring It To Your Door, Jehovahโ€™s Witness
Brother, You Should Have Made A Hole In His Wriggling
I Couldnโ€™t Care Less, The World Keeps Turning

The Loose Lips May Have Dented The Man
Look How Many Shops We Lost, Pissed Off (Pissed Off)
I Got An L When I Shot That Video
The Smell When I Put That Zip On It Stinks (Says, Wing, Aim, L)

If We Go To Look For You, You Will See A First Class Team
First Part, With Your Head, Goals To Wood
I Would Like To See You And See How Your Group Is Altered
See You And Know How It Wasโ€™, A Pill Of The Parguelaโ€™

The Junkies Apart And The L Always Plays First
Do Not Shareโ€™, Crazy, You Are A Liar
I Like To See You And You Would See How A Voice Whispers To You
You Bark Like A Bitch, Mouth Talks, Then Closes

I Donโ€™t Have Beef If They Call Someone Else Saying They Want To Fix
In Problemโ€”, In Problemโ€™ Costa, But They Love Me, Iโ€™m Neymar
And I Always Shoot On Purpose, But If I Squeeze, Ask For The VAR (VAR)
Police, Donโ€™t Investigate, Now I Just Want To Sing

Say โ€™Em Central Cee, โ€œSono Quello Che Has Access To The Partyโ€
Her Girlfriend Moving To Her Key, She Tells Me That She Likes Me, Iโ€™m A King
Donโ€™t-Donโ€™t Try To Be Like That, Iโ€™ll Stop You On The Skate
And Then In Person She Feels โ€˜The Ki, She Begins To Say That It Is Notโ€™ For You

Jโ€™ai Tout Mis Dans La Cryptoโ€™ (Fah), And A Trop De Chevaux Fiscaux (Fah, Fah)
Il Mโ€™faut Le Pied Gauche ร€ Robben Et La Droite De Klitschko (Pah)
Zรฉro, Zero Police, Dans Mon Entourage, Y A Zero Police
Jโ€™suis Avec Mes Frรจres, Des Potos Solides
Tout Pour Acheter Comme Au Monopoly

On Veut Tout Pour La Familia, Ici, Nous, On Connait Lโ€™omerta
Jโ€™charbonne Ciondolo Quโ€™les Commรจres Parlent
On Se Couche Toujours ร€ Lโ€™heure Oรน Nos Mรจres Taffent
Jโ€™suis ร€ 160, Jโ€™suis Dans Lโ€™GTD, Jโ€™vais Pas Vendre Mon ร‚me Pour Quelques CD
Jโ€™pull Up To London Pour Marquer Lโ€™Europe Avec Une Frappe ร€ La Trezeguet (Ekip)
Ta-Tati, Cali, ร‡a Consโ€™ Dโ€™Italie Jusquโ€™ร  Niarry-Tally (Han)
Jโ€™suis Koulibaly, Tโ€™es Adil Rami (Eh), Trรจs Loin Dโ€™eux Comme Si Jโ€™habite Bali, Pรฉtasse
On Mange Pas Dโ€™rosette, On Allume Le Frozen, Grosse Arbalรจte, S/O Au Z
Ra-Rap Franรงais, Il A Des MST, 2022, Que Des Cryptoโ€™ Et Des NFT
Mรฉ-Metaverse, Jโ€™coffre Des Decentraland
Send The Prod, It Will Discend To London
Parle-Moi Cash Pour Parler Dans Ma Langue
Inshaโ€™Allah, Bientรดt Jโ€™pull Up Au Bled Dans La Lambโ€™
Lโ€™instruโ€™ Jโ€™lโ€™รฉclate ร€ La Batte, De Lโ€™effet Jโ€™en Mets Vโ€™lร  ร€ La Balle
Faut Quatre Fois Lโ€™salaire ร€ Alaba, 2k22, ร‡a Pete Comme ร€ Jalalabad


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